Have some questions about mod 2 and bp2 cam


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I have seen a lot of post of using a MOD2 with the 1 3 rockers but I was wondering a few other things,
If i go with the BP2 would it be a good idea to use the 1 3 as well? Also will they sit at the grid and Idel ok?
I would think the valve would be harder to control on the BP2 with a 1.3 than the Mod2 with a 1.3, due to the more aggressive lobe design of the bp2. It would be interesting to see what spring it would take to control it.

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I have used the BP-2 with 1:3 rockers. Used the 26lb springs with a .030 shim under the seal. I always try and use the OEM seal bexause it holds the spring in place better than a shim alone. Turned it 9k on the Dyno and the guy I built it for turns it 84-86k on the track. It was built in May.