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Was wondering if there is a helmet out there that somebody prefers over another that helps with fogging. Maybe one with better ventilation or something. I have tried all sorts of stuff on my shields. The only thing i havent tried is to stop breathing.
go to the difference helmet makers...some of them have an anti-fog stuff that you can spray on and buff out that helps. check for breath deflectors too....I have one that I put in my simpson voyager. on my impact charger, i just crack the vents open or raise the shield just a bit.......lots of ways to prevent fogging versus buying a new helmet.....

just asyin!!!
Look up the pinlock face shield. Best investment I have ever made. I tried all of the other tricks and this eliminated fogging.
There's also the old trick of double visors with holes drilled in each in a pattern that's offset so no holes overlap and a spacer between.... esp. helpful in the rain.
I got a impact champ that I barley open the visor till they stop the green flag it seems to work for me...on the cold nights with the vents open it moves enough air to make my eyes water