Help with project! KDX 200 onto Trick chassis.


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Hey guys, I am wondering where to get some rear sprockets and a hub so that I can mount my KDX 200 onto the Trick frame I have sitting around. I ran some KT 100 s and now I want to try the shifter kart setup. I have to fab a motor mount and make a bracket to stack both radiators on my left side. Just need ideas on how to get sprocket on 1-1/4" rear axle? Should I look for two piece with hub integrated or a separate hub with bolt on sprocket? Where is the best place to find these parts? Thanks for any help.
If it's 520 chain, contact Brandon Hetrick on here -- he makes some trick Aluminum 7075 rear sprockets that fit on a MCP brake hub and last quite a bit longer than the QRC gear (reportedly.) It may also be possible to modify a QRC mount to work with the KDX. Contact Brian Montgomery, who's already done this, for help. :) Good luck! ~Ted
I am an Industrial mechanic/ millwright and I see that the two piece axle sprockets come in 30mm, and 1.25" converts to 31.75mm so I am Thinking that I will use a two piece steel with integrated hub, spin one up on the lathe and just shave a little off the inside of the bore and file a bit off the key. Now I just need to know a baseline for rear sprocket # of teeth? Any ideas where to start? I was thinking 30.....