Interesting, hopefully they've kept up with the times and make something competitive. The kart I won most of my races on was a 95 Twister, was an awesome kart. Actually had pics from someone here. They told me a little about their prototype. Hopefully they're going with a complete new design now.
Finally a twister thread. My 9yo is running a 95 twister and it handles great. Would be great to see what everyone else runs for #'s.
Twister is doing great we picked 5 wins at the big 3 series on a prototype. Freeiest kart I have been on in my life since 1992. In the 5 wins also got 5 poles and led every lap green to checkers.
I run an 98 twister with a open clone. Better driving kart than my triton most of the time and way more forgiving.
Got an '01 and my kid likes it better then his. Won 14 races and two championships this year. The last six races I started to make some more changes to and picked up 1.2.second a lap and I know I got more left for next year. I have the guys scratching their heads. Because, they were starting to catching me and I started to pull away again from them. The one went through three engines and two karts since the end of July trying to catch me. lol
Got twins :) 02 and an 03 both red frame w/white bodies . To me the biggest plus is that they are consistant . And forgiving . Your right Jncyall. I drive like a drunk NYC cabbie and they don't make me look that bad . lol