How many rpms

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How many rpms can I get out of my clone? Has .020 arc rod, Flt piston, 18cc head, ss valves/ retainers, mod 2 cam with 1.3 rockers and 26 lbs springs. Thanks
where is the timing How is the carb built What is the cc what is the pipe what is the valve setting
I want to turn it untill my cam setup quits making power. Timing is at 6* , have a rapp fab .930 pipe. Stock size ss valves, head is ported and polished and holy Moses carb as of now. .615 bore. So I guess my question is when will a mod 2 with 1.3 rockers stop making power
Unless the head, and carb flow very well, 7500rpm. May turn more, but just be making noise. A bigger carb will increase it though.
need a honda gx390 carb at least, for the mods you have. It will help you make more power, which in turn means you can get more rpms. With what you have now id agree with Youngengines, you will probably get 7000-7500 rpms of usable power
with that carb 7000 is about all you will get kind of pointless to run those rockers with that smaller carb. my bp I turn @ 7300 . have turned it as tight as 7900 and I was 3/4 a second faster once I got it geared to turn 7300
Buy a $20.00 ball hone...put your drill on it and hone your carb out...
You can get a easy.... .650-.670 bore on it before you have worry...about breaking through.