how much compression is too much?


building a alky open motor and need to know if 13.6 is too much compression? i dont want to over do it, im going to assume when i put my long rod (3.595) and weisco piston it will be somewhere from .003-.007 with a fire ring hg im buying a 18cc head and wanting it milled .080, also looking at a 16cc head, originally a 14cc, milling is tbd because if i buy the 14cc clone head i will be able to mock up the piston to have a better idea of what the comp could be, (switching head gaskets, milling requirements ect.)
Too much? well old time Indy engines used something around 22:1, but IMHO, too much is when your dome configuration reduces cross flow.
Too much is when you blow the head off the block cause the bolts won't hold it together.
And what Jack B. said.
No more then what you have now or you will need to o-ring it and all kinds of fun stuff.
I hang around the 13.3 or 13.2 range and works well.just remember when building
these your building a time bomb its going to blow but just don't know when.
but having fun until then.and make sure you beef the block up good and that's
with any motor making good hp at over 8000 rpm