Iame ka100


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If the kart is slow it has to do with the gearing. A low clutch engagement and long tracks don't work well together. And if you gear the kart to get top speed (Large front driver and small rear gear) it will just bog coming out of the turns. In fact it might never get up on the pipe. I'm sure aero drag plays a role also.

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arc100 -- I suspect it's more corrupt there than here, unless you consider IAME's manipulation of the American markets as corrupt (I do.) It's interesting that the Rok 100 is so similar...orgs here are debating on whether to run them together or not...but my local club is tied to IAME, so....corrupt. :) But when it's the only game in town, you either play by their rules or go watch F1 on TV.


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For what I have researched it is not really like a reedjet because porting is way different. Another thing is I don't think they are even faster than the good ICAs at all or even a good blueprinted Yamaha.
I’m actually curious and thought about this before I saw this post. In stock configuration (minus the KA100 having a spec clutch/pipe) what are the differences regarding porting/ignition/bore/stroke/reedcage between a bone stock old style reedjet and the KA100? And could a KA100 be built and configured as an open 116 and use IAME cranks/rods pistons the old Reedjet uses?


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KA100 is a spec engine for Karting Australia. Its a corrupt engine deal but isn't everything in spec racing these days. But that's what the "average Joe racer" wants these days. Anyway here is the spec engine details showing why its so slow, I'm pretty sure I was told its about 22-23Hp.

Unfortunately it wants some type of acct login info