indoor axle..


Does having a chrome moly axle make a difference from a regular steel axle indoors? This if for champ kart indoors an talking normal thickness not thin wall axle
Idk about chrome Molly but I have started using a standard wall steel axle with the Lr portion turned down to a thin wall.
I tried thin wall, std steel, std chrome moly, kart was fastest with thin wall, then got bent, switched to old used steel, was more driveable, don't think it was as fast but a lot more friendly, then tried chrome moly last year kart handled well not sure if I was off on tires or got myself gear bound with the animal, didn't change setup from previous year... This was all at Atlantic city with umax champ
Yea I have heard different thjngs work for some ppl. Was thinking of going a different route axle wise have always used std axle but notice ppl run the chrome moly axle also. With the champ I don't think I'd want to try the thin wall tho at atlantic city. I know the chrome moly will have better memory back then the std one
Thin wall was great until I hit something LOL. Carried the lf a little out of the turns other than that I had no complaints, went back following year with moly to kind of bullet proof a little bit, like I said not sure if it helped or hurt me, too many other factors going on. What kind of champ are you taking?