Is anyone using this?

I put the combination in a Lifan block, piston .035 in the hole, fire ring head gasket, and recessed the head for the piston clearance of .030. Didn't cut the piston. Made a manifold for a tillotson from a parrilla to aim carb to the rear/tire clearance. Dyno .275 lift cam, raceng 1.3 roller rockers, big st. stl, valves, contured intake port, arc fw, and more. What a screamer, 9500 rpm no problem.
If the piston was .035 in the hole plus a gasket why did you have to recess the head for piston clearance.
...and, Fire-ring gasket is another .040+...Right? I shall 'assume' the .035 is where the 'stock' piston WAS in-hole and 'you' maybe went with the 3.707 rod...??
No I have not used theirs but have used arc's 6234 rod 11132p wiseco piston with .0590 wrist pin
with 14cc 18cc 22cc heads all milled.was using the 3.307 but had to cut the piston all the time
My combination long rod/ short piston, even with extra low piston position, still was .080 above the cylinder. The smaller the combustion chamber the better works for me.
The instructions recommended cutting .100 off the piston top. Found with the Briggs, a long rod and small piston was better for higher rpms.
I have turned both over 9000 and good power to boot.but then again I was always one for
a big lift cam but have changed my thinking just a little :eek:
The long rod combo's have been out for a long time now. They are pretty much available for all clones in plug n play with the 3.595" Arc rod or mill your wiseco (thick dome) piston with the 3.707" rod . Either way these mods are worth 2hp or more...What can you expect ? Higher compression, less friction , better cylinder filling , and higher rpms...
A longer rod also increases piston dwell at TDC which gives the intake charge more time to burn completely/efficiently. Scavenging can also be improved due to longer piston dwell time.