ISO Left-hand (ccw) rotation starter motor


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I am seeking infomation in finding info on counter-clockwise rotating starter motors. Somebody (I lost my notes) had mentioned he had 'some' (before the 'Crash') but, we lost communications. My need is for starting the left-side motor on a 'dual' application. Please contact me at <> or p/m me here...(I'm still trying too figure out this 'new' Bob's! Thx
If the starter motor has a permanent magnet field, simply reverse the battery polarity
If it has a wound field, then the brush orientation to the field winding must be moved by 90 degrees
sometimes this is as simple as assembling the brush plate 1/4 turn off
sometimes this requires extending the brush leads (so the plate will turn that far)
sometimes drilling 2 additional holes in the end plate is required
hope this helps
I also thought that reversing polarity might work. If that didn't work maybe going to a starter shop to fix it your way. (You know a place that rebuilds starters)

Just building the count LOL
Thanks guy's! George is on the right 'track' I was told it's actually (87) degrees :)! It appears Japanese technology has out-foxed the old Ford....again! Yep...heading too the 'Starter Shop' 2morw!