Jennings County Fairgrounds Sunday June 30th

This Sunday June 30th. We are Racing
RWYB class will pay an extra $100 to win on top of the 100% payback. Also an extra $50 to the highest finishing non 450 or bigger motored kart. Also $50 to win 4 kart 4 lap RWYB class Dash.
Any class with 8 or more karts will pay an extra $50 to win (even in the three trophy only classes: Rookie Flatkarts, Youth Predator Champs, and Beginner Boxstock Outlaw Karts)
Gates open at Noon, Draw ends at 3, Practice at 3:30 with racing to follow.
One round of practice, one round of heats and Features.
Classes racing will be:
RWYB (Flatkarts only, no cage Karts)
Open Outlaw Winged Karts
Intermediate Outlaw Winged Karts
Boxstock Outlaw Winged Karts
Beginner Boxstock Outlaw Winged Karts
Clone 340lbs, 380lbs, 400lbs Flatkarts
Rookie Flatkarts
Jr2 Flatkarts
Jr3 Flatkarts
Jr Clone champs
Sr Clone champs
Youth Predator champs
Sr Predator champs