Jimmy White STS


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Anyone care to share numbers on set-up and what this chassis likes best? Taking it indoor racing in Springfield IL with a Open Yamaha. Its a 2004. Since the crash, all the info on here is gone. Thanks Darrell Hotler
I have owned a couple of the STS chassis, including one of the first, wish I still had one. From Jimmy : 57% rear, 57% Left, 51-53% cross. LF should be 20lbs heavier than RF, LR 35-37 lbs heavier than RR. Toe 1/8" out. Never raced them indoors but these weights will get you in the ballpark. Good Luck
Ok Thanks, those numbers are close to what I had. I had a little more cross in it. Thanks Darrell Hotler
The tracks around here would get dry-slick late in the year and lose some bite and we would go up on the cross too, I loved those chassis.