Joe Cuslidge's Video from Southern Kart Club's September 2013 Event

Great tutorial on the benefits of a draft for those who never get the opportunity to experience it.

Dang, I hope we don't lose that track to race at. :( -Alan-
Thanks guys, as you know Savannah is one of the best ! Probably my favorite ! I already miss my friends. The last race was both eventful and emotional. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Daytona. Working on some new stuff!!!
You indicated that you were missing the PTR group. :cool:

One of these days, I need to add another camera to this group. I just realized that wiggle was in the same corner as Sunday's scene. Do we need to investigate further?
That may be a GOOD idea. My kart works better in turn 5 if I do not follow too close. I guess I'm not getting enough air across the nose. Maybe next year I will keep my eyes OPEN !!
Yup. Now we need to make the best of it. I'm considering passing on Daytona (financial reasons) and using that money to support the SKC instead. By the first SKC race, I may be able to have a second kart available for one of my buddies to run.