Joker jr vs Rage Nitro for 6 yr old


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We currently have a rage nitro adult that has been modified with cage and pedals moved way back. I have a problem getting his weight ratio right because everything is in the rear and he hop’s a lot going down straight away and obviously pushes in corner. Found a Joker Jr for sale and just not sure if it’s a better Kart than what I have for a 6 yr old.
Thank you! It was not a sportsman. You think we will be better served just ordering a new rage nitro?
You'll be better served for sure with a true Jr Sportsman champ, however at with a 6 yr old driver it does not need to be new as your not going real fast until he's ready to go real fast regardless of being new, good used 2014 or newer would be just fine for now, then once the driver is 95 % ready go buy new.
Good Luck !!