Jr 1 Predator???


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Is it feasible too use the 212 Predator engine for Jr-1 (7-11 age/250lbs)? The intension is too run it 'as-purchased' from HF and de-activate the governor and 'seal' the motor. It would use the typical top-plate conversion kit and winnie pipe/muffler. IF the motor blows up....Scrap it! ($99 is cheaper than fixing it). The 'gear' most likely will be spec'd as well. What would we expect to see as 'max' rpm?
I race at a track that has a "Predator" class but it is for adults and is exactly how you describe , track seals them, you buy a un-sealed and give it to track for "sealed" put your top plate, weenie pipe, and shoe clutch and go. I think its 360lbs, biggest class with some really good racing, but lately theres been a problem with guys supposedly figuring out how to advance timing without using key or visually changing flywheel. And now I believe there gonna have a claimer on them this year as well..