K3 Karting 12th Annual Dirt Classic 9/14

Will be using this thread to update until the dirt classic

With the 12th annual Dirt Classic 2 weeks away (September 14th), it’s the one time per year where we look to the racing community and local businesses to support a class.

*Please share this post and tag a friend or local business to be put into a giveaway for two free pit pass for the dirt classic!*

These are classes we are looking to be sponsored (there can be more than one sponsor on a class):

Baby Champs- World Source Integration
Kid karts- DC Liquidators
Jr. 1 champ: Uptown Garage
Predator champ: Jeff at Rage Karts
Sr champ:
Jr green clone: Jeff’s Towing
Jr 3 clone: Kankakee Swapmeet
Open kart predator: Ozzie Motorsports
Flathead medium: Kankakee Swapmeet
Clone medium:
Clone heavy: K3 Karting

Anyone who sponsors a class will be announced throughout the night, during the drivers meeting, on social media, and if you provide us with a banner we will hang it up at the track and can pass out business cards or flyers.

I will update this post as we receive sponsors. Please message me on the Facebook page or contact Joe @ 815-953-4112 if you’re interested in sponsoring a class.
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Info for the 12th Annual Dirt Classic this weekend 9/13 and 9/14:

9/13 - Anyone is welcome to camp out at the track - we will try to have a campfire and anyone is welcome to bring bags or other games.


Gates: 1
Practice: 3:30
Racing: 5
30-45 minute intermission between heats and features to put up lineup and give workers a break and we will have a raffle (I will be timing it)

Baby Champs- All drivers will receive something after the feature sponsored by World Source Integration And K3 concessions

Kid karts- All drivers will receive something after the feature- sponsored by DC Liquidators and K3 Concessions

Jr. 1 champ: $150 to win sponsored by High Performance Lubricants. This class will also have a 6 lap $50 dash 4 cash sponsored by 1st Auto Body

Predator champ: $150 to win sponsored by Jeff at Rage Karts. This class will also have a 6 lap $50 dash 4 cash sponsored by 1st auto body

Jr green clone: $150 to win sponsored by Jeff’s Towing

Jr 3 clone: $150 to win sponsored Kankakee Swapmeet. 3 kart minimum

Open kart predator: This class will have a payout this weekend. Sponsored by Ozzie Motorsports. Payout will be announced during the drivers meeting. It will be a 40 lap feature.

Flathead medium: $150 sponsored by Kankakee Swapmeet

Lo206: $150 to win $50 for 2nd sponsored by Precision Racecraft / Uptown Garage

Clone medium: $250 to win sponsored by All Erector and Precision Racecraft

Clone heavy: $500 to win sponsored by K3 Karting. $150 to win 2nd sponsored by Uptown Garage. 10 kart minimum

Animals: $150 to win sponsored by Kankakee Swapmeet

Opens: $7 entry fee sponsored by K3 Karting. This is the last points night for opens. In the case of rain, Points makeup date will be October 5th.

All classes are guaranteed money unless a kart minimum is noted. Some classes may have money added and I will update if that happens.

This is a normal points night for all classes.

K3 T-shirt’s will be for sale in the concession stand - we don’t have much left
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Gates will open at 5 tomorrow for anyone who wants to come camp out! We will have a bonfire setup and feel free to bring any yard games you’d like to play. You’re also welcome to bring a grill tomorrow but you cannot have it out on Saturday.

There is also a race at Kankakee County Speedway this Friday and it is “Local Heroes Night: Remembering Tanner Torres” if anyone would like walk next door and watch. Anyone in Uniform can get in the grandstands for free with proper photo ID. $2 of every adult ticket will go to the Torres family. More info on their Facebook page.

Also here is the proposed lineup for Saturday unless we have to make any last minute changes.

Baby champs (will run feature before intermission)
Kid karts (will run feature before intermission)
Jr 1 champ
Jr Predator champ
Clone medium
Jr green plate
Jr 3
Flathead medium
Clone heavy
Sr Predator

For the 1st heat and feature we will have a 5 minute break between Flathead medium and clone heavy if there are any racers running both classes. For the 2nd heats we will run the Jr. 1 champ dash 4 cash in between Flathead mediums and clone heavy and the Jr Predator champ dash 4 cash after Clone heavy 2nd heat.
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Once again thanks to everyone who came out and supported the track last night. We had exactly 100 karts and our biggest classes were opens with 17, clone heavy with 15, and clone medium and jr 1 champ with 12.

Thank you to all of our staff, especially our turn 3 and 4 corner workers for keeping the show running smooth this weekend so we could finish at a decent time.

Especially big thank you to all of our sponsors that made it possible for each class to have the opportunity to bring home some money:

World Source Integration
DC Liquidators
K3 Concessions
High Performance Lubricants
1st Auto Body
Jeff’s Towing
Uptown Garage
Rage Karts
Kankakee Swapmeet (March 1st)
Ozzie Motorsports
Keith at Precision Racecraft
All Erector
Jeff Hotler

Here are the feature winners for the 12th Annual Dirt Classic, feel free to post any pictures in the comments:

Baby champs- Ryder Mooi
Kid Karts: Leo Cleary
Jr. 1 Champ: Michael Queenan
Jr. 1 champ dash 4 cash: Michael Queenan
Jr Predator champ: Troy Hensley
Jr Predator champ dash 4 cash: Carlie Miller
Jr Green Clone: Trey Mcwhorter
Jr 3: Clayton Rossmann
Flathead Medium: Alan Morefield
Animal: Robby Olson
L0206: Dylan Moy
Clone medium: Dustin Heath
Sr Predator: Matt Williamson
2nd - Ezra Stevenfield
3rd- Karley Krenkel
Clone Heavy: Dustin Heath
2nd - Robby Olson
3rd - Rich Hale
Opens: Jeff Hotler

See everyone next weekend
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