keep it simple for DiYers


Please remember the diy racer and dads starting their kid for the first time out there so karting can continue to be a positive family sport! Easy to see why the harbor freight mode has given such a resurgence back to karting. My daughter just won with a 99 model kart and used tires, against the latest and greatest with a clone engine with less than half what i spent on a briggs a few years ago. Thanks Bill Mcfast and AKRA! You teched my yamaha and my fatherin law's back at Rockingham,which i built in the backyard shed and it's repeating itself again with my 13 year old's stuff. I am not worried goin to tech as long as the rules are the same for me and everyone else. If I can help anyone starting out I will and let them settle it on the track as it should be, not in the tech room........