KRT ?? anybody?


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Ok so im about to buy a roller + spares off a guy whose moved up to tonykart. The kart is supposedly a tag kart, but they ran a kt100 on it. Im gonna put my own tag engine on it. It has a 50mm axle on it. All in all its a really nice looking package (I know, looking good doesn't mean it in IS good).

The owner has stated that the krt company is no more, or merged/bought by someone else. Says they are from California. ... I cant find a thing about krt karts anywhere.

Question, am I going to be ok running a 50mm axle with a 125 tag motor? Im rather new to this and I appreciate the time and advice beforehand.
The karts were made by High Rev Engineering. You can call Marc the number on the web site is (760) 804 9087 and I'm sure he can answer your questions
We have never run anything BUT a 50mm axle on our tag karts. We tighten done or loosen up the 3rd bearing to modify the rear stiffness.