Kt 100 gearing at vir

Any one have any sugestions on what gear ratio to run at VIR's kart track. Just looking for a good starting point. Engine will be a Kt100 with a 200# driver. New to karting, just trying to get started. Thanks for any help .......
For direct drive, I always started at 10:85 regardless of track unless there was a LOOOONG straight, and adjusted from there.... VIR's pretty small and tight, but I'd think that would still be an ok target. I'll be curious to see what others think...
We ran a Yamaha ladt time we practiced there. #200 driver? Am I missing something? You probably mean the sprocket is for #219 chain, most common cgain in Europe compared to #35; that is the popular option in the US dirt tracks or with sprint 4 cycles. Are you using a DXL wet clutch? I would suggest starting with a 10 teeth drum in the front and something between 80 and 90 on the axle and check top rpms in the straight. You should come nest time we go and we'll help you. Just too cold right now, lol.
Any one have any sugestions on what gear ratio to run at VIR's kart track.
I find it interesting that it is assumed that you are using 219 chain. And maybe direct drive. That track must be super tight if you need a 10/85-90. With 219 chain.
It would also be helpful if you listed clutch or DD, along with your projected peak RPM and the pipe you’re going to run.
Of course that’s assuming a stock engine.

Comments compliments criticisms and questions always welcome.
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Here is some more info, 219 chain, RLV-L2 pipe, Horstman HDC-5 dry clutch, 200lbs driver behind the steering wheel, not looking to go full on racing, just would like to practice with some guys , have some fun and learn..... thanks for the help... p.s thanks for the invite rainman... let me know when. BUT its got to be a little warmer for me too, 1 degree forecasted Monday nite for here. lol
Al -- I didn't assume he was running direct drive, but simply qualifying my gearing statement by saying that's what I was running when I came up with that number. I see that Santiago's clutched ratio is in the same range, however...

Cliff - I'd favor the 90 side with a heavier driver on a shorter track... Have fun! I almost have my KT-100 setup ready.