Kt 100 talk

I know I got killed with mine even on a bullring. Ran at Shellhammer's about 1/8 mile high bank high bite and Snydersville 1/12 mile flat no bite track [I was a Yamaha Light and Heavy champ against 12 Yamis at Shellys in 2010 and have many 4cycle wins at Sville, kart def. wasnt out to lunch] .... At shellhammers the leader went 8.9 I ran 9.1 in feature, at Snydersville which is more of a drivers track John Garde ran 11.67 and Andy Pritt setting fast time with 11.58 with me doing a 11.85. At both tracks I would destroy them in the corners especially at Snydersville by 5-6 kart lengths, they would just eat my alive down the straightaways though.

I ran it just to run it, I like giving my Yami a good run, probably not the right motor for the situation, maybe a 2nd one for it would be closer, but these new motors the UAS guys are running are wicked fast!
Kyle teddy reed broke track record a couple weeks ago with the open animal I built him a couple years ago. Needs to be freshened and he will break it again. If I ever get mine back together I'll let you give it a try buddy.
Nice handle Tim. You movin up bud.

Nope I tried to register Tim Taft same as before they were supposed to send me a email to confirm registration I kept sending messages to them with no reply. So I registered as Taft racing and got a different format. It registered me right away. More PC gremlins I guess.
Were there any KT 100's that attempted to qualify for the UAS Grand Nationals or did they have a separate class for them?
I've been running the UAS class since around '05, and have never seen any single KT-100, that could run with the 125 C.C. 's and larger engines. A really modified one might do somewhat well on a real small track, but the cost of one of them is about the same as a new Sudam. Plus I seriously doubt it would last as long.
I cant handle mine... the single Yamaha may work if you weight 270 and really know yer stuff I know of a couple of yams that will surprise you ask eddie shriefells lmao I got a spare I never used that will smoke any 100 cc reed at 270 lbs that's about a 100lbs weight break now.. if you weigh upwards over 300 no chance and tracks need to be small.. I would love to see my spare Superdyne perform at Fruitland park at 270 lbs bet it wont get caught...
I ran my modified yammy at Fruitland a few years back. Kart was stuck to the track best I could do was 7th place. I started dead last. I could Kill'em in the turns but had nothing down the straights. Now my twin setup was a different story. Pretty quick and reliable. They were both stock wka engines. I thought they were fast until I ran my dads K30 that's was punched out to a 153. Now that was a rocket and one hell of a ride.

There should be a Yamaha support class or a stock 2cycle class (controlled) to help revive the 2cycle community.
I allways thought that each uas group should have clinics with the leaders you know on a sunday afternoon and some food... sure would help with confidence for many that wanna do this real bad...I mean who don't want to try this but many don't know where to begin or have that confidence.. ya can go over packages tuning tires set up rules all that stuff...a simple group session about Yamaha classes would draw quite a few..how simple is this
FYI, this concept of a Yamaha support class has been tried in the past few yrs., we tried here in Fl. and it has been tried in N.Y. And it seems to me that those of us that were around when it was killed off yrs. back are the only ones that know why it's such a hard thing to do.