kt100 carbs


Why do I only see walboro and tillitson carbs on these motors? Has anyone expieremented with something like a mikuni vm series? Mabey its just the snowmobiler in me talking but these carbs work great on those motors. Have not measured one to see the difference in tract length. I know those miks have a lot of adjustability in them. Really curious,of course they say curiosity killed the cat! Thanks Shawn
You see Walbro because that what is used to run a "Stock" class, the Tillys are also used on other kart engines and many of us have several of them, I tried my big Makuni kart carb . and the Tillys and Buller Walbros work better. That's why.
Jack, since he mentioned the MIK VM , I think he's asking why don't you see float bowl carbs on kart engines instead of the usual diaphragm type. I'm not really sure of the answer, it may be a cost factor, it may be the external adjustability of the diaphragm carb's. It's not that it won't work, one example is the Biland with it's dual Dellorto's , I didn't notice any fuel sloshing issues when testing them. Jon
Did some searching and cost is a big factor! Let alone the test and tune time for specific kart motors. Oh well,so much for that idea. Maybe in the future when I have a little more time I can work on this and share some results. Shawn
Might work just fine, but where are you going to race it? IMHO, UAS class is the only place, but how will it stand up to a 53 H.P. Sudam? or even a Reedjet with dual alky Tillys?