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saturday at duquoin we ran bp clone 290 lbs on a 2011 searph. early in each session we were the fastest kart or one of the fastest. in each session right after we ran our fastest lap the kart got a bad push. our numbers for the feature were L 55 X 53 R 53 front stagger 1 3/8 rear 1 3/8 front tires duro 40 rear tires 40 -43. rear stagger started out at 1 1/2. rs tires 4 lbs ls 3 lbs air. this was only our third race with this kart this year, but the same result each feature kart goes to a wicked push. ran 33as. wiped with waks green during week goat s at track. not that many laps this year , but seem to get the same results. any help would be appreciated. Ron
Sounds like the tires to me... Have you tried to run another set of tires for the feature yet? I know when we are on goat tracks or are running goat on the Burris I use more than one set a night. If I run the same tires all day and night wiping goat I usually run into a handling problem.
In that case I would agree with Tom. Sounds like you you was off on the tire and prepping for the feature. Sounds like the RF was giving up on you.

Were your feature tires done the same as the set you had on earlier. Also As the track took rubber and got faster did you adjust the kart any....IE....More cross and Stagger?
Push entering corner/Leaving corner? Sounds like Set up or tires or prep. What is the Date code on your tires?
I had a 2010 Searph and we ran this!!
Stagger F-1½” R-1”. Both front tires in as far as possible. RR ¼’’ off frame, Rear Track 39¼’’ to 39½’’
Toe 1/16”, X-65, L-57.5, F-46 to 46.5, L-castor 7. L- Camber +1/4’’ R-caster 10 R- Camber -3 to -3¼’’
We kept the Seat to the Left and to the front as far as possible.
PSI, L/S 4, R/S 5
Tires Dude Tires.
He pushes at the apex of the he comes accross the apex the front is sliding then it grabs and he gets out of the throttle to correct it . It is like the left rear is driving the kart. Tires were new june 2012
To me it sounds like the RF is all the way up, and when weight gets off the LF (which is all the way down), and tries to get on the RF, it's not there, so the kart has to wait until it gets on the RR before weight will transfer back forward to the RF from the RR.
There are several things I see that I'd play with:
1) newer tires
2) a different prep program (once they get hot they're doing something different which is hurting you)
3) more rear stagger (not my favorite option but will probably help nevertheless).