Leaking carb


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So I just broke my new motor out for it’s first run and everything was great until I put a little bigger jet in the carb. At first there were no issues but quickly gas began pour info from it. Thinking it was the carb I switched to my spare, changed the jet and boom same thing. So I switch to my 3rd carb which is stock full blown and the same leak occurs. It’s coming from the back side by the thin gasket and I can’t begin to even have an idea as to what it could be.


Dawg 89
your big ol thumb must have affected the float level . leaking out the back threw tvent hole .
two other possible thoughts , trash or rubber in the fuel inlet/seat.
and the fuel bowel is not oriented correctly , pinching the float .


I had the theory of float but when he says 3 carbs doing the same thing I would GUESS he has too large a fuel line poorly clamped.


Whenever our carbs leak I change the plastic insulator that is between the carb and head. They can warp with heat and that usually fixes it for us.