LO206 Clutch Recommendation and Gearing


I am racing at a "1/8" Mile track that is a big momentum track.

I run Sportsman 375# adult class with LO206 Motor. We have to run 11 x 5.5 x 6 left side Hoosier treads and 12 x 9 x 6 right side Hoosier treads. Stagger is obviously to much but its required.

What clutch do you recommend running? and possibly what gearing should I try?
I ran SMC rocket rim but didn't like it and seemed that everyone else pulled away from me at start but when it got going it was fast.


Dawg 89
Tire roll out with treads is important .
A 2 disc but it needs set correctly as does the stinger .


Forgot to mention the clutch has to be any centrifugal clutch with a maximum of 3 springs and 3 shoes allowed.


Just to be clear Brian, This is the Hilliard Flame Bully conversion? What springs and weights do you recommend for the set up stated above?
I like the Flame best, but have many customers who still prefer the Fury.
White and Black springs alternating. Weights ONLY if your track scrubs a lot of corner rpm (momentum tracks do not.)