Hi yes was wonder im running outlaw kart begginner box stock.green slide on LO206 BRIGGS ,OK ?IS 63 REAR13 FRONT DRIVE THAT SOUND ABOUT RIGHT FOR THIS GREEN SLIDE WE RUN 1/10 OVAL THX APPRECIAte your time


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That might work. Every track, every engine, every kart, & every driver are different. No one will know for sure unless you have some rpm to go by or know more about the track configuration, etc.
If you don't have a Mychron (or similar) gauge, then grab a stop watch and get to making laps. Make consistent laps. Run the same line, same throttle, etc for 10 laps (drop the fastest and slowest, and average the other 8.) Change gears 2 teeth at a time going up (or down) and go back out on the track while it is still in very similar conditions - Repeat this process until your lap times no longer improve.

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