LO206 / Handout tires?

Ted Hamilton

Design Drafter / Racer
Why are tracks not running LO206 LTO's with tires handed out on the grid? Seems like the cheapest possible low-hassle way to race... Run a SL compound no prep 6" wide American rim tire on every corner, track hands random 4 out on grid, bolt 'em on, go run. Entry fee $40 (to cover tire "rental"), no payout, points class. Tear-down / inspections waived at competitor unanimous agreement (top 5)


Someone has to front the money to buy all the tires and rims, services all the tires and make sure they are staggered properly, its a LOT of work for a budget class. I am sure if people committed to the full season schedule up front, someone might try it. However, its a big investment in time and money for a local class from the promoters point of view.


Call it the communist kart league. Part of the reason people love racing is they get to have some input as to how they win or not. In other words their work and knowledge pays off. Chassis manufacturing is not an option for the average joe but anyone can learn the tire game. Now I'm speaking on oval racing. What I'm getting at is people like the game that's why they play. If you change it people wont do it. You can race a mini stock for less than buying a new chassis. This is not a dig at you just people calling for limiting rules needs to remember there are race series that already have those rules go do it let the kart racing people be kart racing people again this oval..
On asphalt most tracks you need new stickers every race period that's why it's dead what do you do there I know what was tried and it's dead now. No stagger what then its luck of the draw on tires. You going to have a tire pressure rule screw it just trade off winners every week so everyone gets a trophy.