Local Engine Builders


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Contact Rick Gastmire at rgp race engines. He builds 4 cycles,but may know of a local 2 cycle builder. Rick is out of Edinboro,Pa I believe. I can't think of any 2 cycle builders close to you off the top of my head. If you want to ship it call Kermit Buller,or Mike Collins as they are at the top of 2 cycle national game. In this region you have Zoomie out of Ohio I think,and Mark Bergfelt from Beaver Falls,Pa.


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Hi, i am located in Erie, Pa and I am looking for a Kt100 engine builder within a 25 mile radius.

Barry Greenzweig at GKS is one of the best 2 cycle builders in the country. He's in PA, but a little far from Erie


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are you hoping that if your engine builder is close he will come to the track for trackside tuning ??