longacre scales

Any one ever had a problems with scales not staying. At zero after zeroing them is in the box or pads will.i have to send both back
how much do they change? Ours will go a couple tenths. Just zero right before you put the kart on.
I have a set of quantum scales that will do that if let to sit for a few minutes, the sensors within the pads i believe are extremely sensitive and any slight gust of wind will make it read ghost weights. Also it might help to blow out the inner section of the pads where the sensor is located, dust and dirt build up can also affect the sensors.
The only way to know there ok is to calibrate each with a known weight and adjust each to each other(all 4).
This is a common problem that is usually remedied by simple mechanical means. When a scale won't repeat zero, there is usually some sort of mechanical bind. There are allen head bolts on the top and bottom of each pad. These hold the load cells in place between the pads. Sometimes these bolts loosen up, and sometimes the halves of the pads get knocked around slightly, putting things in a bind. First, try to simply tighten each allen bolt, top and bottom, and watch the indicator for stability. If that doesn't help, try to take the bolts out, true the tops and bottoms, making sure not to displace the shims, then replace and tighten the bolts. This will often fix the problem that the original poster described. If not, then check each pad for consistency in weight. Consistency is key in scale systems. If you find one pad out from the rest, check your cables well for damage.
I also had/have this problem. They asked me how my battery was and it did get to the point that the scales had to always be plugged into an outlet. They said the first thing would be to replace the battery as that is usually a sing of a bad or junk battery. I just ordered a new cheaper battery for now to see if that fixes my problem. I should have the battery in next week and will try that. Hope one of us gets this figured out as I can't use my scales like this!!
Also, with some models, the battery packs can be replaced with regular or rechargeable AA batteries at much lower cost than buying the factory unit.
Any one ever had a problems with scales not staying. At zero after zeroing them is in the box or pads will.i have to send both back
I’m thinking; don’t know for a fact, that the scales use a strain gauge. Strain gauges are sensitive to the ambient temps. On my dyno I had to calibrate the strain gauge to a known weight before each session. I would be surprised if those scales don't have a way to calibrate them.
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There is fixes for this. However longacre and other scale companies do not share the fixes on how to correct it. I own a calibration company and we offer services for these scales.

There are several things that create problems with scales ot holding zero. Check the flowing:

1 Check the battery on the unit. If the voltage is low it will cause problems.
2 determine if your pads are level. Not just the scale stand but each pad. A scale pad that is not level will give false readings and its impossible to zero out.

Outside of these two items you are limited on what you can correct with out a business arrangement with the manufacturer.

I hope one of these items is the problem but if not check out our web site and call me. www.acs-na.com