Look !!! I have cash-iso

5m Ohio

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hi,i want a open kart that will make me win i have cash in hand has to be open class cash money in hand
text me 740 5420078
You might want to give more info about what you are looking for, where you race, and how big you are. Understand, no kart will make you WIN, you win a race in the shop before you show up in prepping tires and preparing your kart. If you are a small guy you could run a 115cc or a set of dual yamaha's are very fast and versatail. If you are a big guy you should look at a like a MX engine, the 250cc 2 strokes that Tim Taft is building the bottom ends for are very lite and very powerful. The 450's make big torque but are a little heavy and be a little rougher to setup depending on your kart and body weight. If you are a medium size guy you might want to look at a stroked Sudam or a BRC150, but we all need to know more info to steer you in the right direction.


You are a heavy guy. You need HP and torque. Go buy Justin Westerfield's kart if it is still for sale. It's not cheap BUT it wins and it is a quality piece. You would be wasting your time on about anything else in the UAS. If that doesn't work out, call Jerry Stevens. That will be a JAWA. That's even more HP and more torque BUT expect to pay more money. Those are both top tier karts. It takes that to win.

I know where I can find you a complete, ready to race 250 2cycle shifter kart for $1500 but you're not going to win in your area with it, unless it is a heat race and you get super lucky on tires. Being your weight puts you in a small box of options. I'm 6'1" but you give me 60lbs and I have 18 years of racing experience. I can get by with an open Sudam. You're going to be over 430 lbs with a kart. You need all the umph you can get.
Mike Grady
im gonna be selling my 450 engine here soon. if you have a kart to bolt it on my engine is going to be sold with mount race ready minus clutch.