looking for 1 to 3 blue wazoom flat head


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I am looking for 1 to 3 flathead blue wazoom motors dont have to be new or fresh rebuilt just looking to put on some karts at home to race with some friends just looking for a few motors that are all the same so it can be fairly equal. Let me know either email me a evanbarrettracing@yahoo.com or text me at 517937329 thanks Evan

might also be open to different motor I have one wazoom now just looking for something equal to have some fun with
Welcome to Bob's , torkdogjr , call Uncle Franks karting to see what they have left. If not just get a couple of B&S 5 hp flatheads and have all of them rebuilt by a local engine builder making them all alike.
welcome to B4C :) i have 1 open modifed briggs engine complete and 1 briggs modified thats not far from competion .............pm or call 618-797-8896
I have a blue wazoom ....o races on rebuild $375

I also have a Open Flathead Briggs I would Sell.... .60 over Big valves ect with Dyno 127 cam, it was one Jerry Gould build for me a while back ....... Brand New Std stroke Forged Crank, installed.
Know where there is a new blue setting. It has not been ran since it came off the shelf at uncle franks. If your intressed in it let me know and I will get a price on it for ya.
I have 1 blue wazoom and many flat head briggs. No one runs these around me anymore. I am looking to clean out the whole lot. I am talking about the wazoom and over a dozen engines. Lots of extra parts, gaskets, tools (for blueprinting and re-building). Call me if interested 815-718-9505.