Looking for Clone and Briggs Flathead torque plates


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Just got a call from Summit telling me that their supplier JR Racecar does not make the clone and flatty torque plates anymore. Does anyone know where I can get these torque plates??? Can't find them anywhere and I have a few rebuilds to do.:confused::(
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Posts 3 Engine Building Sell-Out. Dyno, EZ Bore, Neway, Lisle hone, and Parts
Prototype Dyno $300.00 (local pickup)
Simons Carb Comparator $200.00
EZ Bore Boring System for Raptor and Animal with raptor 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 cutters and Animal 10, 20, 30 cutters. EZ BORE bore gauge included $700.00
Neway Valve Seat cutter with 31, 46, and 45 degree cutters $125.00
EZ Bore rod length gauge $30.00
Lisle Hone Model CHJ with 5 sets of stones. 3 for steel and 2 for aluminum. (Some screw holes are loose and may eventually need to be drilled and tapped for bigger screws from changing out stone sets) $50.00
Torque plates for animal (2) and raptor (2) $10.00 apiece
EZ Bore Valve Seat Replacement Kit Raptor $50.00
EZ Bore Valve guide Replacement Kit $50.00
Animal Tech Kit $50.00
Animal and Raptor Piston Kits, Rings, Valves, Valve Springs, and More.
All Prices Are Plus Shipping.
This is just some of the items. I also have all the tools to blueprint raptor carbs, and just about anything else you could need. If you dont see it here just call or text me and I will let you know if I have it. Me and my son have a stock car now and I don't have time to do Kart Engines anymore.

Johnny 9014913355 Located just outside of Memphis Tn
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Make your own clone torque plate simply bore through an old head, mill the top surface off. See engine to the left of image.
i know this is a old post but i ran across it looking to see a price on one vs me waterjet cutting one. i found ezbore sells them. but im cheap and it about 40 bucks from them and i have material here so looks like ill be programing a plate.
I found a flathead torque plate amd I have given up getting one for the clone since I have realized that you can buy a new clone block for $35.
Use an old head, I would not trust a new block to be straight and true. As shown on the left of picture.