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How many sets of tires would someone need to be competitive at a local track? This is assuming they start with none and would be running at a maxxis only track. Also same question but el class ?


Let's say I'm running TCK in kenly nc. What about el? Still need 4 sets since you can't really prep them a bunch

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If the someone you mention is just starting out, you only need 2 until you get to learn the track having more options would only screw you up more. No you do not need 4 sets of


3sets will probably do. That's a RF, RR, LR. Get a LF that gives you the front stagger you want and just leave it. Carry a spare LF in case you cut a tire.
Prep the 3sets to say 42, 45 and 48. The RF and RR need to be 34" in circumference. LR stretched or shrunk to your rear stagger.
You are on a steep learning curve when it comes to tires.