Looking for some 100cc engines


I building a new kart (yes, still building....LOL). It has been a PROJECT and a half. Anyway, the thing is getting a little porky. That makes me consider a set of duals. I would like to have 3 nearly identical engines so I can swap them as needed. I have a green head reedjet already. I'd really like 2 more of those BUT regular reedjets can make due....or 3 TT-75s.
I have my twin "green head" reedjets. Like new, bores are 50-50.01 if I remember correctly. Mike Cochran built them for me. They run gas billet Euro carbs, PVL ignitions, etc. All mounted up to duel jackshaft assembly. They have just been stored and kept warm. Make a reasonable offer if you would like. Thanks!
Mike -- call Keith Freber at Margay and get 3 NOS DAP T-85's. They come with ignition, but no carb or header, and last time I knew, he was selling them with DD or clutch PTOs and were around $500/ea. They're Euro5 spec, so around 30hp ea. 3 engine for $1500 is hard to beat. You should be able to find a TaG header that will come close to matching if you make a tracing of the ex. port and cross-check. Glad you're feeling well enough to keep plugging away... Good luck,