lost the hande


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saturday was a beautiful day had a new chassis wth a prroven good motor i had em covered in the heat but my inexperience and lack of patence killed a good finish . in the feature it got dark and cooler besides missing the setup (too hard on the tires ) etc it ffelt like i i was ddown on power . any thoughts capital city fh 375
Guy who was behind you said your kart was too tight or your tires were going away or both. I will try to watch ya this sat and give ya some info ;)
I’ll catch hell for saying this, but do you know about air density? There are people that say the single cylinder kart 4 cycle engine doesn’t need tuning to the air density, but trust me, it’s a rationalization, most likely owing to the fact that they can’t afford a gauge.
Cold air is denser than hot or warm air and you need to mix more fuel with it to get the right mixture. I’m guessing your engine just went a little lean.
Longacre sells an air density gauge. It can come in real handy.
A 5 point change in air density calls for a full one size jet change. A .039” jet is about 5% more area than a .038” jet.
thanks no hell from here i think it was tires though , went my way on tires and had something forem . the old QV trick ,dont know the number but i agree with you a weather station is probably pretty valjuable . this week ran a different motor but had it jetted wayout weaher was similiar.