Maxxis EL


What's a good simple prep program for el tires never ran maxxis . Do they need to be rolled cut sanded whats the simplest way to be competitive
Depending on where you are racing... I don't reccomend cutting the tire but tou may find something that works... more then likley you need to roll the insides. Pink magic makes good el prep
If you choose to go with Pink Magic I can help you. We offer an internal and external prep. I recommend you cut them. Or have someone cut them. Knopf can them for you. I have found cuts are faster in most race conditions.
Well basically I might run the tri state race at dumplin valley and that will be all I use them for and I will use pink magic . Do I need to use the el prep he has or just the pink magic . I don't even have a tire roller I'm a burris guy so I have not need for for anything inside related . I usually have welch cut my burris tires so I will prob get him to cut the els ,however I do resurface my own tires using a pretty consistent method. Can I just do the same on the els as I do the burris and get them rolled when cut?
Once they are cut and sanded the first time they wear so little and never fuzz so there is no need to resand them. I found an el tire with a super slick tread surface is when it is fastest im talking no grind marks on the surface. That's why guys that cut them most times are scuffing them pretty hard before they chase money on them.
Yea use pink magic el.. and the pink magic inside. It all depends on what you prefer when it comes to cutting. I haven't had any luck with it. But you may find something that works so you won't know until you try.
Like nckarter1 said. Cut them and scuff, scuff scuff. They need to be very smooth. It takes awhile to scuff a cut but once they are smooth they will be fast and stay fast for long time.
I guess I never payed much attention to the El's in the past, I knew they were slower. Just recently I notice there were preps that were make just for the EL's and was just curious to see if they would be make the El's competitive . But from the replies above that is not the case, but I appreciate your responses.