Message from 2019 Track President

Message from your new President, Adam McFadden
Hello racers and club members. Many of you know me and some may not. Hopefully those of you that don’t, will take the time to meet me and/or reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas. The main reason I wanted to personally write this was so that you could hear directly from me why I decided to become president, and some of the things I would like to accomplish. First of all, it is no secret that the Saturday night kart count at Hunterstown has diminished to the point that the track is not going to survive unless changes are made. I personally love Hunterstown Speedway, and I decided to take a shot at developing a network of current racers, past racers, businesspeople and more to brainstorm ways to make Hunterstown great again. My focus plans to be 100% on Saturday night racing.

We are exploring EVERY SINGLE option to make this track fun, safer, and more economical. We know that we won’t be able to accomplish and fix everything immediately. We are currently assembling our To Do list, and we will then prioritize that list. Some examples of the things that are currently topping our list: Reconfiguring the track. The track must be made safer, particularly the exit of turn 4. We have many ideas already in the works to make it safer, but yet more competitive. That alone will equal more fun. Making the track more fun to drive is a big priority. We will be starting later on Saturdays so that we are not taking your entire day, and will be having fewer points races so that more racers can run points and still have a life. The general policy will be open tire, but we are adding some classes to run Burris 33/55 only. The Burris should require less prep and less work for the average Saturday night racer. We plan to have good, thorough engine tech every week. We plan to keep the show moving along throughout the evening (less breaks) …These are just a few of the many ideas we are currently working on.
Please be patient and give us an opportunity to improve your track. Feel free to contact me or any board member if you have any questions or concerns.

A rough draft of the schedule and class list will follow, we are still working on our “Spotlight” classes for certain nights, and will get you those details as soon as they are available. We are currently working on the website, so stay tuned for updates as they become available.

Adam McFadden