monster bad boy setup


i just got a second hand trick monster bad boy does anyone know the recommended setup numbers for it 375 class i cant get through to them on the phone for days now


I ran 46 nose 59 left 62 cross +1/4 / -2 3/4 on Burris from what I could find on here. Reached out to Trick on Facebook no answer and the dealer I dealt with only had info for pavement so I spent some time on here going through posts. Most recent is in the Slack section from racing promotor, was in line with what the previous post said. Only ran it once so far did okay, can’t wait to try again
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alvin l nunley

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Compared to others that I've seen, (and I've seen a lot) these numbers look reasonable. Kind of right in the middle. Should get you started. Would've been nice if he had included stagger, and you had included the track.
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