Need engine builder


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I need an engine builder for refreshes, upgrades in or near northeastern pa. Zip 18337.

The nearest tracks are Oakland Valley and Snydersville.

Can anyone recommend a decent builder?
I can build you an engine or refresh, just south of Albany, NY, I'm a small shop with all the tools and DYNO to get the job done, PM me if interested
Another good source for your area is King Tut Speed Shop...Candor, NY. Willie Tuttle is the proprietor, and is skilled at 2 cycle and 4 cycle...
Don't be afraid to ship the engine to the builder of your choice either.
There are advantages both with dealing local and with dealing with some of the big name engine builders.

Biggest thing is to trust your engine builder. Build a relationship with him that will last.

We still build a LOT of flatheads. If we can be of any help, please give us a call.

Thanks and God bless,
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In an effort to keep costs affordable, I would prefer to deal locally. I spoke with Dave on the phone last night and he seems like a very friendly and knowledgeable guy. Unless I find someone closer, I think I will be doing business with him soon. He is about 2.5 hours away from me.
Willie Tuttle in Candor, NY is 2h 15m according to Google...and he works at Mansfield Univ. Mr. Carlson seems like a reputable vendor on here and is quick to help with info... Some of the bigger shops, even if you have to ship engine, have a quicker response time, more experience, and greater parts inventory, so pays to call around and follow your gut. Good luck. ~Ted