Need Help to Identify Crane Cam for Briggs 5 HP

Briggs Man

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I'm hoping there a few "old school" racers out there that remember something about the Crane Cams for the Raptor engines. I recently purchased two NOS Crane Cams 91012 & 91016. I have the Spec Sheets, but they say nothing about the RPM (power curve) for these cams. Crane Tech Support couldn't provide them to me.

Does anyone know what the RPM Range are for these two cams ?

I'm in the process of building a "clone" Raptor 3 and would like to use one of these cams.

Any help would be appreciated !

Best Regards, Ken
Bend, OR.
The 91012 is for restriced classes & the 91016 is stock/super stock.
I'll have to dig, but should have you some info. this evening.
91016 red restrictor plate through super stock 3400-6700 rpm good for high rpm aprox lash .003-.004
91013 purple through unrestricted 3200-6000 rpm good torque
91010 super stock 4000- 7000 rpm max profie specs
91005 outlaw stock 4000-700rpm
91018 purple through stock best all around 3200- 6000 rpm

does not show a 91012

here are the limited specs
92002/ 4800-8600\ .365/.380 lift
92008/ 5000-8000 .380 lift
92014/ 5200-9000 .380/.395 lift
92015/ 5200- 9200 .395 lift
92009/ 5200-9400 .410 lift