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I've got what I was told is a 2004 epic chassis. It's an offset dirt chassis. Any help on set up or if they even made and epic in 04. Thanks!

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Books have been written on the subject, and with a little research here on Bob's, I'm sure you can find tons of good information on set up, engine prep etc. etc. Get the kart on a set of scales, if nothing else, 4 analog bathroom will do . go to the track, ask somebody about gearing, ask about everything else, and go from there. Perfection is the goal, but it may take a lifetime to achieve, if ever.
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It will be my daughter and she's gonna run stock predator class
57% to 57.5% left, 46% nose, 60 % to 62% cross, 2.6 RF neg camber, .25 LF pos camber, will be good starting point. Stock Predator gearing will be way different than SR Clone 2 for sure usually 3 front driver sizes bigger.