need make a tire harder

There are several ways. but all of them may cause the tire to lose grip, or sometimes make the tire better?
Wash in gas, Acrysol, simple green, Dawn, let it sit in the sun few day.
Some prefer the Acrysol applied daily.
Or just put them in the corner of shop, they will eventually get harder.
There are times when an older tire is the best tire.
I am sure that one of tire gurus on here will add more info.


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Going from a 48 to a 60 might be tough .
Like stated above gasoline or methanol.
A different tire may be the better option .

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well I can already tell I don't know enough to be asking questions. These are Burris 33's that were on the kart when I bought it.
Bad news you'll never get what you have hard enough If that's what you need, I assume you've raced it and know there to soft and someone else told you duro 55 to 60 ? If so and there a front runner you need more details like fresh rubber 2019 date codes ? Cured rubber 2018 or 2017 date codes ? Round cut ? NO cut ? or flat cut ?


In our experience, resanding them to open the pores and wipe with alcohol, and set them outside. It will harden them up, but probably not as hard as you want from your starting point.


I've got 33's that haven't been used since 2014, they were 45 on my durometer then and they're still only at 50-52.
I'm willing to bet they'll go right back after a heat race.