need set up help PLEASE!!!!


I am racing a PRC Nemisis. Yesterday was my first race. i run at a 1/5th mile dirt track and Maxxis Pink and Blue tires, 4lb in right side and 3lb in left side. i use tire pink magic prep, i am running a 15-65 gear. My Kart with me weights 425lbs i race a Clone motor. Going into a turn i am turned hard over to the left with steering and am heading straight to the wall out of the gas, i cant get my kart to turn left at all. Please someone give me some set ideas, Thanks


Dawg 89
Nose: 45.5%
Left: 54.0%
Cross: 68.0%

LF: +0.5
RF: -3.25

LF: 8
RF: 12

Front: 1.25"
Rear: 0.75"

Rear track width: 39.0-39.25" (RR rim 1/8-3/16" from frame rail)
Too add.
Cross weight is quite high and rear stagger low , adjust to suit your needs .
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alvin l nunley

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Nemesis and Phenom are close, never ran the Nemi in Sr, but I’d be here on setup:

Nose 46.5
Left 56.5-57
Cross 58-59

Caster 10 R 7 L
Camber -2.5 R +.25 L
1.5 front stagger
1.25 rear
4/5 air


Dawg 89
Must be a small driver thing to get in that high cross range , we were never able to get that with ours at the heavy weights .


Dawg 89
Yea that was a copy and paste , only time ive ever got that high was put the pills in a seraph wrong .
We always ran the heavy weights and just never saw cross go that high even with the washers maxed out . Ran all the PRC stuff from phenom to the triton .


Ok now I’m back on track lol. We’ve never gone over 60 with the Phenom and 65 with the Triton.