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Hello everyone,

I just joined the thread and just purchased a 2015 Phantom Triton for my step son here in SW Florida at 4-17 southern speedway. He is 14 so he is starting in Jr3. We know we have a big learning curve ahead of us but looking foreward to it. We will most likely be running at other tracks as well that will be running of the home tracks off weekends.


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Hello . Good choice triton is pretty good chassis .
Have fun and be safe .

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Welcome to our addiction.
Expect to be challenged at every turn. Make sure your driver understands that a lot of the competition has been racing competitively since they were 7 or less.

Steep learning curve, can be overcome by study.

Best plan starting out, is to get under someone's wing. This can be expensive.

Or, do your homework, still expect steep learning curve. Pay attention to what those winning the class are doing.

Again, welcome to our nightmare.


Edit, first, your driver should work on race craft. Regardless of speed, or skill, need to know how to deal with situations. Seat time is truly the only way.
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Welcome! is a great source for a wealth of information.
Use the search feature and don't be afraid to ask questions.
There are lots of great folks on here to help speed up that learning curve.
Karting can be a great family thing, and I can think of nothing better than spending quality time with your kids on the weekends.
You'll know exactly where he's at, and karting gives plenty of opportunities for responsibility, establishing work ethic, sportsmanship, as well as reward for good behavior, grades, etc.
If there's anything we can help you with, please feel free to call.
Once again, welcome!

🏁Thanks and God bless,
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