New to clones. How do you choose?


We have been running an animal in 400 lb. class but nobody else runs one ,so we are thinking about going the clone route so we will have someone to race with. Which one is better? Red,yellow,blue? is their any difference? Just read about a harbor freight motor with more cc's. Is it legal? That might be the best thing for us because we could use the potential extra power, we roll across the scales at 450lb. So we are almost always giving up 40-50 pounds to the other racers. Thanks for any advise.


40 to 50 lbs isint to bad the more wheight = more momentum. i like the red clones by dyno cams if you are going to do your own build but if you are having one of the big engine builders do it there is no need to worry about the color and i beleive the blue clone is obsalete.. sorry about the misspelling
I think that the Harbor Freight engine you are talking about is a 212 Predator, and not really considered like a 196cc Clone. But if your rules don't say nothing about it , then I guess you can run it. I like the Red Engine too ! :)


40 or 50 lbs "IS" a lot of weight to give up if you are on a track that you need to lift off the throttle and get back in it. It is also a deterrent on starts and restarts. My best engine on the dyno is on a kart that we know is hooked up and that driver is 50lbs over. He is fast but he is in the back. As the race goes on he begins to make up time but if a caution comes out it's over. If you are running AKRA rules, it really does not matter what color engine you run. They all need to be built to spec. You are not going to go to any race and see just one color engine winning all the time.


Thanks for the advise. Hate to give up running the animal, love the power but never anyone else to race against in the super heavy or sumo classes.Got a couple flatheads if anyone wants to trade a clone.


Be careful to not scratch your yellow clone covers. You might find like I did that under that beautiful yellow paint is a deep blue "underlayer"! Further, you can go out and buy a ducar/dupor starter cover and it will fit anybody's block. Buying new you won't have this issue I'm sure but any used motor is a crap shoot as to what block you are getting.

Just sayin!

Race safe and have fun regardless of motor color. 50lbs.... I guess that's what lower gears are for?