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I'm looking to run the El tire class at my local assphalt track with big pipe clone motor. Whats all involved in getting a set of el tires prepped and ready to win. I'm a big boy weighing in at 405 ish total kart and me and no lead. I usually run yellow vegas super heavy class but lately its only been me and another driver and the el class has about 6 guys in it. I appreciate any insight tips tricks and what I need and don't need.
That really depends on the track (size, sealer, available grip.)
Some small low grip tracks ELs that are broken down, cut round, and have harsh internal will work better.
Bigger momentum and higher gripping tracks will need a tire with better roll speed, ie fresh rubber, cut flat, and less harsh internal will work better.
We don't work with a lot of ELs anymore (thankfully,) but we do have several customers that are successful working them.
Give us a call if we can be of any help.

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