New to the flat head need some help

I have a flat head that came with a Kart I bought, It had a blue plate on it so I broke it open to see what was actually done on the inside and Here is what I found ARC Builit Rod and the cam says DX3 on the face so Not sure what the cam actually is. So her are My questions, Does any one know what the cam is?
The other is Now that I have pulled the plate will I have to re jet it or will it start and run the way it is?
Your gonna need to come down on the jet without the restrictor plate, .048 maybe .050 this time of year, hopefully carb was bored to legal max, they usually are for anything besides purple plate. Valve spring pressure needs to increase if they were correct for a blue plate because your gonna turn more rpm as an unrestricted and you need to control valve float at that higher rpm. Cam doesn't necessarily need to change just because of the plate coming out , but I don't recognize that cam #. Ignition timing may be backed up a little depending on where it's at, go with about 30 degrees. that's about it, have fun with it. Jon