Newbie with questions about clones

You would be better off buying a used built engine than that. That would be a good base point to build one up. There a ton of motors for sale and now would be a good time buy one. I'm not talking about a name brand necessarily.
I was looking at clones online and was wondering if this would be a decent motor to start with. I plan on running at hunterstown speedway,I don't plan on running up front I just wAnt to make sure I can hang with the pack and get some track time in.

To answer your question that was asked about a CLONE ENGINE and not a LO206 engine. The BSP, Dukar, Dupor yellow or red engine will work just fine. Roberts Kart Shop is as good of place as any to buy an engine from. They are top notch people and can answer any question you may have.
Not saying the 206 is not a good platform but the question was asked about a clone, so give him a answer about a clone...!
The clone is very likely your best option. the class size is typically good. you need to know what classes they run and approxametly how many show up.
Try to talk to some one who runs that track ie : an official they can probably recommend an class and someone who may have something forsale.
there are several people from that area who post regularly who I would trust, read through the forum and u should have no trouble picking them out.