Dawg 89
Seasons about too start.
Tony Schumacher has no sponsors and is a no start hard to believe .
Should be a good season there , hope he gets back in.
Nascar we will see if it's a snooze fest.
Count on Kyle Busch to go to the front.
The rest won't be far behind.
Dodge & Nissan are suppose to submit cars at some point this yr. for Nascar's 2020 season...Volks Wagen is also considering coming to nascar.


Dawg 89
the influx of a new mfg would be good. there's only 5 Toyotas and 4 are Gibbs cars,
not sure on the fords 10-12 maybe the rest Chevrolet. Chevrolet has some catching up too do.
Elliot and Larsen if he can finish number 1 are the hot shoes poor ol Jimmy been relegated to a has been.


TRUMP 2020
Chevy is going belly up.
Our season started months ago, Lucan oil gets it, oval racing isn't for everyone.
The glimmer of napcar is gone, I seriously doubt that any new company would come in.
ARCA drivers did a better job sat. and the Lucas Oil LMs were far better on MAV TV sat. night. Lots of live dirt track on MAV in the last week.