North Carolina Dirt Series 2017 Champions

2017 North Carolina Dirt Series came to its season?s end last Saturday, November 18. This race decided championships in many, many classes. With this race being the deciding event, most of the races were very well ran as each championships were earned. This also means that there were several drivers that left very disappointed for one reason or the other. These championships that were lost at the last race are hard to accept for the drivers, crew members, and fans for they worked just as hard as the ones that now call themselves ?champions?. So, it is with all my heart that I commend every driver that sat in a seat and held a steering wheel at the NCDS for a job well done. I commend each crew chief and each buggy pusher. I commend each and every member of the team. I know your trills, your disappointments, your defeats, and your accomplishments for I have worn all these shoes. Thank you for accepting your accomplishments gracefully and for your defeats with honor. You are all truly champions.
Clone Lite - Donnie Nall
Clone Medium - Donnie Nall
Clone Heavy - Daniel Armstrong
Clone 400 - Chris Carpenter
Clone 425 - Chris Carpenter
Clone 450 - Gary Rabon
Sr Champ 410 - Hunter Smith
Sr Champ 425 - Donnie Nall
Limited Modified - Ashton Harmon
Predator 390 - Derrick Allred
Clone Sr - Keith Brame
Apprentice Red Plate - Jacob Freeze
Jr 1 - Aiden Allred
Jr 2 - Landon Huffman
Jr 3 - Michael Bumgarner
Jr Champ - Landon Huffman
Teen Champ A - Michael Bumgarner
Teen Champ B - Micharl Bumgarner
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