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I'm building wings for the kids next week and wanted to know what everyones opinion of nose wings on the opens is. I don't know if there would be any setup gains or cooling issues. What do you guys think?
Ran them for a few yrs. never could get any info from driver as to how they worked. Made as direct copy of Porche rear wing, with plates on side, ran with K-35 and Sudam engines. Driver got broken foot when I used alum. flat stock for supports, changed to S.S. and no more problems
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Jack - what caused the broken foot -- did the wing collapse and crush it, or did the driver encounter the brace in a crash? I thought the hood would absorb any impacts due to front wing failure?
Yes, open outlaw cage karts. I have not found a rule about them. I've thought about trying one, maybe even just for looks. I watched a video from Millbridge (I think was the name of the track) and the feature winner in the video had one, red #8. Just got me thinking again.
We do have a guy at Millbridge that runs one. He has won with and without it so not sure how much it helps but I would believe it does help some especially on a high speed track. But they do look awesome!
Mine definately made the front end stick. You can slide your wing forward if you don't have a nose wing to help the front stick.
^^ I suppose....which is why I'm welding in a side-anti-intrusion bar above the engine on the right side and triangle nets. Our local track doesn't mind them, so I'll probably have one soon, if only for looks. :)